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The dark silhouette of a child in a doorway.
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I turned over again. It felt like I had been awake all night, though I knew I had dozed off at least a couple of times. The storm had gone from rain to hail and back to rain again. I couldn’t close the blinds enough to keep the flashes of lightning out of my bedroom. I needed to get some blackout curtains.

My alarm clock blinked twelve o’clock at me. The power must have gone out at some point. I had no idea what time it was, other than it was still dark and storming out. I refused to wake…

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“Everyday” picture books have stories that reflect regular life. As recently as a few years ago, it looked like children’s book publishers thought that only white children enjoy simple, everyday experiences. Not anymore.

When I was in my graduate school, I took a course on Children’s and Young Adult Literature. One of the assignments was to read one hundred books for young readers. I was a good way through my reading when I noticed there were a lot of white protagonists on my list. Like, almost all of them.

That lead me on the hunt for books for young readers…

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More times than I care to admit, I’ve heard people mention that they’ve turned down a raise or turned down one last job for the year, because they thought it would move them into the next tax bracket, causing them to lose money. Recent political changes have caused this issue to come up even more.

“I’ll just make $399,999 and then stop, so I won’t have to pay Biden’s new tax. I’ll actually take home more money.” -Real quote that inspired this article.

If this is you, stop saying this. And don’t stop making money.

What is a tax bracket?

A tax bracket is a…

Two doctors. Two books on micronutrient-rich eating. How will you choose? Let me help.

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Nowadays, you can find books, articles, and people supporting any kind of diet you can think of. I heard about Andrew Flinders Taylor on the podcast Part-Time Genius. He’s an Australian man who lived for almost a year on potatoes alone. Another man from the same episode, Angus Barbrei, fasted for 382 days, taking only supplements.

These aren’t everyday diets though. Everyday diets include vegetarian, vegan, keto, fruitarian, carnivore, Mediterranean, Zone, Atkins, low-carb, low-fat, high-protein, and the list goes on. …

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Do you want to go to sleep with no money and wake up with all your bills paid, a bursting bank account, money under the mattress like in a cartoon?

No more working for money! Ever!

If you’ve watched any videos on YouTube, then you’ve probably seen an ad for passive income. They promise you a million dollars without lifting a finger.

You’ve probably also noticed that these ads are doing a lot of work to get you to do something that’s supposed to be easy. Doesn’t sound like it’s going to be passive income. It sounds like work.

So, what exactly is passive income?


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The links in this post are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from any of the links in this article, I will receive a small commission. With it, I will buy a very small coffee, and my productivity will increase by 2%.

I’m going to shoot straight with you. If you’ve never made anything out of yarn or question what yarn is, then we will have to find a remedial course before you start making amigurumi.

If that doesn’t describe you, than the chances that you can make amigurumi are high. Especially if you already know what amigurumi is.


Envy of Angels is an urban fantasy/culinary fiction mash-up. Matt Wallace’s first novella, in a series of seven, is quirky and self-aware. It trades in the noir tone of many urban fantasies for an upbeat, irreverent one. While not big on character development, Wallace does not disappoint in the action department with his engaging writing style. This novella is refreshing in a genre that can get stale.

Darren, meticulous and slightly unsure of himself, and Lena, a former soldier, are out-of-work, high-end chefs in New York. They’re not just out-of-work, they’re blacklisted. And they don’t know how they will make…

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If you opened this article after reading and loving Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg, then may I hedge a bet that this article was not written for you. Though, guessing by what I read here on Medium, chances are my readership was not dealing with their sexual identity and going into high school in the last five years. This article is written for all the adults who have been adults for a while, and read Openly Straight, or other young adult books, with their experience of high school in mind. …

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I was in the favorite coffee shop recently. It’s a small local shop, established in 2014. It says so on their front door. This is the place for people who appreciate the taste of the actual coffee, with seasonal drinks including made in house brandy flavoring and bitter orange and coffee flavored soda. I am not a coffee snob, but I have discovered that there is a canyon between decent coffee beans prepared well and anything from Village Inn. My parents had just moved in with my husband and me while they were between houses, and brought their percolator along…

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